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Manufacturing quality automobiles since the 1930s, Audi was the  first mass-market vehicle manufacturer to introduce 100% galvanized – and therefore corrosion-resistant – car bodies, they have been an industry leader for decades.

If you own an Audi, you’ll be well aware that these vehicles are all about quality – from the build through to the performance. Audis are a brand of car that needs specialists to provide the first class servicing. As the car becomes older, the need to replace parts and keeping the car’s performance at optimum levels becomes utmost important. At Euromotors Repair we are specialists in Audi repairs and servicing.

For all your Audi servicing needs in Perth

Air Conditioning

We’ve invested in the latest air conditioning equipment, allowing us to diagnose, repair and maintain your system to the highest standard. Whether you require a simple re-gas, a system check or major repairs, our experts will complete the job in line with Audi’s exacting standards.

Brake & Clutch Repairs

If you Audi’s brakes or clutch have seen better days, our experienced team will have your vehicle running smoothly again in no time. In terms of brakes, we’re able to complete hydraulic brake fluid flushes and bleeds, brake drum and disc machining/replacements, brake pad and shoe replacements and larger hard component replacements. We can also carry out a complete overhaul, including caliper rebuilding, brake master cylinder replacement and brake booster replacement.

Engine & Transmission

Euromotors Repair specializes in engine rebuilds. We offer rebuild services for all Audi models; whether you want your engine rebuilt to standard specifications or have a custom project in mind, we’re able to help.

Fuel Injection Services

Modern day systems are complex, as they must meet certain emission standards and offer low fuel consumption – yet still maintain that high level of performance Audi is known for. Repairing and maintaining your Audi’s fuel injection system requires the right expertise and the right tools.  If your fuel injection system needs maintenance work or repairs carried out, we have the expertise to ensure your car is running smoothly.

Logbook Servicing

If your Audi is still under its new car warranty, you no longer need to have it serviced by an Audi dealer – however in order to maintain that warranty, you do need a specialist technician. Euromotors Repair is one of the leading Audi service centers in Perth and offers logbook servicing that is compliant with Audi’s stringent specifications.

Steering & Suspension

As steering and suspension experts, our trained technicians are able to carry out most repairs – from power steering repairs and overhauls, through to shock absorber, spring and suspension bush replacements. Euromotors Repair provides a range of services aimed at maintaining your Audi’s under body system.

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The inside of a nice car after Audi car repairs in Perth
Experienced Mechanical Repairs For All Audi Models
  • A1/S1 (Sportback)
  • A3/S3 (Cabriolet/Sedan/Sportback)
  • A4/S4 (Avant/Sedan)
  • A5/S5 (Coupé/Cabriolet/Sportback)
  • A6/S6 (Sedan)
  • A7/S7 (Sportback)
  • A8/S8
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q5/SQ5 TDI
  • Q7/New SQ7
  • TT/TTS (Coupé/Roadster)
  • R8 (Coupé)
  • RS (3 Sportback/6 Avant/7 Sportback/Q3)

Our technicians are highly trained specialists in all european makes and models. Don’t trust your car to anyone else.

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